Adventure on the page.



Adventurers & Athletes

Featuring pages of Aaron Huey, Meg Kee, Jamie Thomas, Quin Schrock, Jess Dales, Paul Robinson and Sierra Blair-Coyle.



Spotlighting photos from around the world shot by Aaron Huey, Quin Schrock, Travis Burke, Zach Allia, Katerina Brouzdova, Jess Curren, Dylan Gordon and Garpur Elisabetarson. 



Artfully drawn and curated by lead illustrator Phil Hackett with contributing design work from Andrew Braswell. 

A book with flying colors.

Introducing Lapel Pins

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Color X just raised the bar for coloring books to a whole new level. It's going to engage skaters and fans of skating in a truly unique and creative way.

Transworld SKATEboarding Magazine

Color-X has created the modern coloring book that brings real life adventure to the page. Edition 2 is a must have, especially on your travels. 

Meg Kee, Rock Climber/Founder of Mountain Girls

As an adolescent art therapist, Ive often seen teens reach for a coloring page to pass the time, to decompress or to reduce self-consciousness. The idea of a coloring book geared toward skateboarding is particularly relevant and I would be excited to offer it to my clients.

Lorena Snodgrass, MFT, Art Therapist

Color X is the most badass coloring book out there. Period!

Mikemo Capaldi, Professional Skateboarder

“By creating a genre specific coloring book, Color X has constructed a fantastic way to motivate both children and adults to stay engaged in their interests and love of skateboarding, while allowing them a positive outlet of emotional expression.”

Catherine Penuela-Parker, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapist

Art has the ability to balance the logical and emotional sides of the brain to bring out self-reflection. The interactive nature of this unique coloring book will help focus that creativity and nurture people's capacity for self-understanding.

Nouf Alrashid, M.Sc. Oakland International High School Psychologist