Behind The Page - Garrett Hill


Color X: When was this photo taken?

Garrett: This was shot back in November of 2015 by my brother Gantry.

Color X: Tell us more about the skate session that day.

Garrett: Honestly, it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of session. This natural disaster happened up in Santa Clarita. We heard it was an earthquake and some local friends of ours who lived there called and told us that the road had completely buckled and looked skateable. We gathered a small crew of guys and went to the location early the next morning. When we got there, it looked like a movie set. Something out of War of the Worlds. The road was cracked, buckled and arched into what ended up being the absolute perfect skate ramp. 

Color X: Don't they usually have those sites sectioned off with caution tape and surrounded by security or construction?

Garrett: Exactly. Every time... except this day. When we arrived, there wasn't a person in sight. We were just meant to skate there that day. All the stars aligned. 

Color X: So you and your crew just had free reign over this toppled road all day? 

Garrett: Yeah, pretty much. We skated it for hours, filming and shooting as much as we could on it because we knew every second on that road was special and we had a feeling it wasn't going to stay like that for long.

Color X: Did it?

Garrett: Nope. (laughs) The day after we skated it, the site was flooded with cops, construction workers, security guards, and news crews. It had been graffiti'd too. They even had scientists on site doing research on the road because as it turns out, it wasn't an earthquake. They are still trying to crack the code of what happened there to make the road buckle.

Garrett Hill / Melon grab. Santa Clarita, Ca  2015.


Color X: Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.

Garrett: That's exactly what it felt like!

Color X: Speaking of news crews, this photo got some serious publicity. Tell us about that.

Garrett: After we got back from skating, we posted the photo on our Instagram and Facebook pages. The next day we were contacted by ABC news, KTLA, even the LA Times did an article on it. It was posted by The Berrics and Transworld Magazine soon after and ended up being a Zero ad in Thrasher.

Color X: So essentially, this coloring book is the only place this photo hasn't been.

Garrett: Just about. Gantry and I felt really strongly about using this photo for the book. Millions of people saw it within a few days after it was shot and it's personally one of my favorites taken of me. Todd Bratrud did such an incredible job illustrating it too. Now people can experience it all over again in a whole new way. I can't wait to see everyone's  unique versions of it!