Welcome to Color X, the world's first action sports coloring book.  A few things to ease you into the impending extreme pages: Color X is curated, designed, and illustrated by the skate industry's top professionals...so don't try this at home. The images in this book portray legendary moments: real pros, doing real skate tricks as captured by world renowned photographers. The artists and all involved are very proud of their work. They risked their lives, so you could color. 

Therapists, teachers, and medical professionals totally endorse Color X, too; they've deemed it both therapeutic and cognitively stimulating. So chill out, even moms back it ‘cause it doesn't require a helmet.

Color X is partnered with Transworld Magazine and other industry leading brands to bring you the most fun, exciting, and truly unique coloring experience.



We grew up in the San Fernando Valley, just north of downtown Los Angeles. Like most skaters, we traveled via skateboard before we got our drivers license. And like all skaters, we developed a keen sense of detail and appreciation of the modern landscape: stairs, handrails, ledges, buildings. We kind of began looking at the world like a canvas. 

In early 2016, we were talking about the incredible archive of skateboarding photographs and how cool it would be to create a new way to interact with and experience them. It just kind of hit us, "Let's make a coloring book from those photos". 

We started by reaching out to some of our friends (and favorite photographers) to collect the portraits that would make up the book. Once we had those, we teamed up with a few of skateboarding's most brilliant illustrators; Todd Bratrud, FOS, Aye Jay, Eric Eckert, and Andrew Braswell. Once these guys got their hands on the photos, the project took off. When we got the first initial page mockups back, we knew we were on to something special.

In early December, we held in our hands the first edition of Color X: Skateboarding. We're excited to share this labor of love with you.


-Gantry & Garrett Hill